1. Some men go to nightclubs.. Arnold strolls through suburban homes during the morning shift…

  2. Alice Pooper

    starting to develop that ole’ Billy Crystal face. wat causes that? anal bleaching? someone help me out here

  3. jim

    is that the bike seat or is he popping a chubby?

  4. “I spy with my little eye something beginning with … Maid”

  5. sofa king

    is it just me or would the “jaws” theme music go well with this picture?

  6. Bonky

    “I told them I’ll be back. I can’t wait to see the fear in their eyes !”

  7. They programmed him to ride a bike? Fuck, she’s never going to get away.

  8. Jade

    Looks like he’s taken one too many dips in the plastic surgery well.

  9. “Get to the choppa!!!”

  10. Low Ball

    Ever suspicious of kitchen counters with maids on them hiding in the bushes ready to rape him.

  11. cc

    I am looking for Sarah Connor, I was told that she’s here.

  12. Ruth

    Oooh, is that a maid I see?

  13. tlmck

    You know your old when you have to wear a seat belt on a bicycle.

  14. The Brown Streak

    “All I can think about now is that yummy Chick-Fil-A sammich! DAMN YOU CHICK-FIL-A! I’LL BE BACK!”

  15. bigalkie

    Ugly domestic at three o’clock

  16. Brad

    Why is the Terminator riding a girl’s bike?

  17. I’ll be baaack .. as soon as I fix my flat!

  18. spartacus


  19. bewbs

    “And this is the part where I ride the bike with a sneaky face… see, it’s really funny.”

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