1. Animal


  2. tidbit

    Redefining fashion yet again with Daisy Pukes.

    • Johnny P!

      ‘Daisy Pukes’… do we have a new name for the ones who shouldn’t wear them now? If so, I’m in!

  3. Bonky

    All you smoking hot bitches just getting outta high school, this is your future !

  4. George P Burdell

    No wonder my poster fell off the wall.

  5. What the .. Daisy Duke?!? Holy fuck.

  6. Looking good, Boss Hogg!

  7. Suddenly, 1979 seems like a long time ago.

  8. Frank Burns

    I hope the General Lee is a flatbed truck now . . .

  9. Contusion

    Man, it’s really not even fair to post that pic. Just let us have our memories.

  10. Smapdi

    If you stripped all the denim off Jay Leno you still couldn’t make her a pair of Daisy Dukes that would fit.

  11. Johnny P!

    She’s aged, got bigger, and yet she could still pull off a pair of ‘Daisy Dukes’ 100% better than Tara Reid…

  12. MFer

    That’s unfortunate.

  13. Low Ball

    PMS must hit Photoboy with a vengeance. I can’t remember the last time so many ugly fucks were put in one photo set.

  14. Emma Watson's Vagina

    If i didn’t know better i would be so shocked that this was the orginal Daisy Duke.

  15. Giorgio

    Daisy Duke curse? Just look at Jessica Simpson.

  16. The Brown Streak

    Dang these thumbnails…and I had a good Melissa Joan Hart joke ready!

  17. The Pope

    Wait, The Big Show has long hair again?

  18. Turd Ferguson

    Shit it took her multiple kids and 58 years to look like Hillary Duff did after a BJ and one kid.

    Not too bad.

  19. journalschism

    Finally someone Kathleen Turner can laugh at.

  20. Bionic_Crouton

    “I don’t get it!… Why is everyone trying to push me back into the ocean?”

  21. Eddie Munster

    She looks like she’d smell really, really bad.

  22. squishy

    Guess Simpson took her obsession with fulfilling those boots just a little to far…

  23. tlmck

    I smell Dancing With The Stars in somebody’s future!

  24. Frank Burns

    Looks like she traded in the General Lee for Colonel Sanders.

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