1. DeucePickle

    She should wear this more and not wear full body black spandex

  2. jim

    those thighs could suffocate me

  3. diego

    Fat sow.

    And I thought her husband was a hockey player or something. He looks like Buzz from Home alone, but less athletic.

  4. She has the shoes of an elf but the body of an orc.

  5. Jade

    Someone please help this woman dress. Every time she goes out in public, she’s a train wreck.

  6. realist

    (HUGE) … Chucky (cottage) Cheese thighs.

  7. She’s looking damn good to me these days.

  8. Johnny P!

    Nice to see her hubby gained ‘sympathy weight”.
    Or does she just hire chubby bodyguards?

  9. Little Tongue

    Hilary, introducing the mullet dress: business from head to waist and party from hips to heels.

  10. lily

    Ugh, I love HD and think her face is so pretty, but those thunder thighs are devouring those shorts. i know she just had a baby and all, but this is not a flattering look.

  11. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Did she run out of money?
    why is she dressing like this???

  12. The Brown Streak

    Patton Oswalt! Oh, yeah, the one in the back looks like him too.

  13. Mike Walker

    Feh… these starlets and their exotic husbands.

  14. Henry

    Those ham hocks need a break from those shorts.

  15. bigalkie

    Jesus girl.. When you start getting confused with Jennifer Lopez in thumbnails… You know damn well that it’s time for an INTERVENTION

  16. kimmykimkim

    Just a little too early for shorts, my dear.

  17. “Excuse me miss. I think you forgot your baby.”

  18. I wanna lick those thighs

  19. rawfodog

    Those pants weren’t ripped before she put them on.

  20. King Diamond

    Comrie’s pudging out. He was a crappy Hockey plater who retire young cause he sucked.

  21. King Diamond

    * Hockey Player

  22. EmT


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