1. Cock Dr

    Ann needs more rouge.
    Mitt needs a personality transplant.

  2. Dutch

    “All that gold, all that gold . . .”

  3. your mom

    All that money, and bitch can’t find a decent shirt?

  4. Seen here disgusted that affirmative action let a black guy on the swim team

  5. Bonky

    Nope, I can still tell they’re robots. Try working on the human or emotional stuff and you guys might get it right.

  6. I'mCool

    thinks to self: “I can tell by the feel, there’s not enough outsourced fabric in this flag.”

  7. Basement Jack

    Antoinette Romney.

  8. JC

    “Willard, dear, that isn’t a poor person down there, is it?”
    “Someday we’ll get them all, dear. Someday we’ll get them all.”

  9. Contusion

    Oh, so he actually knows which flag to hold up. Good for him. Now if we could get him to shut up.

  10. it had to be said

    “Oh boy. Look at the unitard on that one . . .”

  11. He’s gonna lose his shit when Obama kicks his ass in November.

  12. Johnny P!

    Wow, what an agenda he’s got! A bunch of political gaffes in London, a quick trip to Israel to promise them anything they want – should he get elected – and back in time to catch an Olympic event and do some photo-ops holding an American flag.
    Go Mitt! Can’t wait to see how many fuck-ups he does in August…

  13. Frank Burns

    A very patriotic way to hide an erection.

  14. Basement Jack

    Mitt: “I got the right flag? OK. Good. Wasn’t sure if you wanted the flag from the country where I stash my millions, or the country where I outsourced the jobs, or the country where I just made a jackass out of myself.”

    Ann: “I have smiled enough for you people.”

  15. cc

    The flag is cover…he’s rooting for the Swiss.

    • Dick Hell

      Well spotted. I guess the Cayman Islands are out of luck until the IOC adds a freestyle money laundering event.

  16. Sheppy

    She looks like a barrel of laughs.

  17. Frank The Duck

    “Mitt, the Howells have better seats than we do. Why don’t you buy Thurston’s company and fire everyone?”

  18. The Brown Streak

    “Why does everybody keep asking me to say ‘Groovy, baby!’”?

  19. kimmykimkim

    Fuckin’ politicians.

  20. SSHGuru

    The Japanese could make more realistic looking people.

  21. Henry

    Lochte makes him short circuit.

  22. SW

    “‘MERICA, mother fuckers!”

  23. Bionic_Crouton

    What a great Idea! Establish yourself as a rich foreigner by walking around with an American Flag and have your wife scoff and look down on everyone as if to say “Why does Europe have so many foreigners?”

  24. Darl'in

    I thought this guy was rich. Can’t they afford to do a little something with her sagging jowels? God forbid they attend a swimming event. Someone may grab lower her face, mistaking it for a towel – and howdalike those vice like tallons??? Skreeeech! Another rodent bites the dust!!!

  25. Lord Invader

    “This water polo event is quite interesting, Willard. I MUST have a set of those underwater horses.”

  26. Behold the faces of people who have not had sex in at least five years.

  27. JungleRed

    Wait, which one has MS again?

  28. spartacus

    Mitt needs to GTF out of my country.

  29. Steve

    This is the flag fer Amercia right?

  30. christine

    You can just look at him and tell he’s dumb. In fact I am so annoyed by him that it actually turns me on. i’d fuck him.

  31. EricLr

    If you zoom in close enough, I bet you can see the “Made in China” label on the flag.

  32. Simplyjack

    Clearly he’s kept the economy growing by paying for his wife’s plastic surgery…

  33. tlmck

    “You see, I’ll hold this cloth thingy up and get me some votes see.”

  34. [img][/img]

  35. MisterSuccint

    “Hold the flag, don’t speak, hold the flag, don’t speak, …”

  36. He is the most pathetic loser I have ever seen

  37. Quit your job, it's killing you

    Well… at least he isn’t holding the flag upside-down.

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