1. Cock Dr

    Those are fall/winter shoes….so I’ll assume she was laughed off the stage for her crass mistake.

  2. Contusion

    How J-Lo pictures herself.

  3. it had to be said

    J-Lo after the tragic ass-removing accident she was in.

  4. lily

    Eww she looks like a man. and those shorts are horrendous! makes her look pregnant. so few can pull off the high waisted look

  5. cc

    Wasn’t she big in the late 70s early 80s? She aged well.

  6. Anon

    LOL….looks like she stole a pair of those stupid shorts Miley Cyrus likes to wear all the time.

    • Christy

      no. I think she stole them from me…. I had those shorts in grade 3. Grade 3 was 20 years ago…. I always though my mother threw them out….

  7. The Brown Streak

    It wasn’t until the dance nearly ended that she realized where the audience was.

  8. Henry


  9. Brit

    Burn, Beyonce….burn.

  10. Bionic_Crouton

    “Mom! Get down! You’re embarrassing me!

  11. blah

    The body looks hot for a 51 year old. Way better than madonna barf

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