1. If this guy got a bad sunburn and stood on a street corner, he could back up traffic for miles.

  2. Apparently she learned mind control from Tom…

  3. Bonky

    Nicole, you can stare at him all day but he’s not going to gain an inch, no matter what you do.

  4. EricLr

    Oh shit, she’s gone into targeting mode. Someone hit the override before she kills him!

  5. it had to be said

    It looks like he’s got his ears covered so she doesn’t look straight through.

  6. Contusion

    She looks inflatable.

  7. Jade

    Did anyone ever inform Nicole that the filming of The Stepford Wives ended quite a while ago?

  8. Johnny P!

    His head just keeps growing bigger and bigger under Nicole’s steady, intense gaze..

  9. cc

    She’s beaming the ‘Don’t drunk off your ass’ message straight into his brain.

  10. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Shes finally gone totally mannequin , hasnt she?

  11. Lambda

    Just because Keith’s fallen in love with a piece of wood, it doesn’t make him a dummy.

  12. The Brown Streak

    Wrong house, dude. the Lambda Lambda Lambda house is over there.

  13. tlmck

    So her type is tiny men with large heads right?

  14. kimmykimkim

    Totally forgot these two were still a thing.

  15. Henry

    This bitch is so happy her man is not crazy.

  16. Welcome to Omega House. Let me introduce you around…over here… I’d like you to meet Mohammed, Jagdish, Sidney, and Clayton. Now, just grab a seat, make yourselves at home, and don’t be shy about helping yourselves to some punch and cookies.

  17. jtflawless

    It’s like a fun-house mirror lens?

  18. Raoul

    “Is she still there? Shit. She’s glaring at me again, isn’t she?”

  19. jennmatchett

    Owen Wilson never kicked that heroin problem, eh? Not lookin too good, man.

  20. JungleRed

    So she was a fembot this whole time.

  21. Have you ever noticed how weird they look together? Separately they’re ok but stand them next to each other and suddenly she’s freakishly tall and he’s got a big ole head.

  22. hedgehog


  23. Vector

    why the long faces?

  24. cardinal Ximenez

    If I was going to order a Real Doll, I’d get one that didn’t look like my wife. What was he thinking.

  25. “Hey, Cruise, remember when you asked me if I liked this used pussy? No problem! All I had to do was go in past the used part!”

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