1. O'chunt

    Still gorgeous.

  2. Yow! Nothing funny to say here!

  3. My favorite Cavendish.

  4. Fuck yeah! That’s what i’m talking about! So sexy! How is she not married with kids yet? Why hasn’t someone locked this piece of perfection down yet? I’d be in that ass all day, everyday.

  5. lily

    shes adorable and doesn’t seem to age a day! what a cute lady!

  6. cc

    At least she’s not trying to act.

  7. Bionic_Crouton

    She is going to play Dr. Watson in a modern day take of the Sherlock Holmes character based in New York city … It will be cancelled after six episodes.

  8. rawfodog

    The only believable Angel.

  9. All kinds of hot, and always classy, and where else will you get Asian & Freckled in one tight hot package?

  10. Snoozeroony

    I always get the two mixed up when I see pics… it’s either – ‘Wow Lisa Ling is looking good’ or ‘Wow, Lucy Liu is looking a little rough’…

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