1. Josephus

    Looks like he chose to ditch leg days, arm days, and cardio days, too.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    Is this a “Before” pick of Magic’s son?

  3. Huh… who knew Gucci Mane was still getting invited out to stuff?

  4. Nothing says “Gangsta” like capri pants and a t-shirt with dolphins on it.

  5. Booberry

    Maybe him and his shadow dog puppets should stay away from anything that involves water.

  6. He’s so non-gangsta, he couldn’t even drive-by a bridge.

  7. The gay mafia has gang signs now?

  8. WTF is he repping the Chuck E. Cheese gang?

  9. This reminds me of a previous poster’s comment (please post if you remember who’s)
    “Even the dolphins are embarrassed to be seen with him”

  10. They decided to ditch the celebrities and go for the cheapest children’s entertainer possible.

  11. He must like fish sticks.

  12. Whoa! A wart on legs.

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