1. Josephus

    In every photo like this, there’s a black guy in the background debating which way to kill himself later.

  2. tlmck

    They make a perfect couple. You would not want to take either of them home to meet the parents.

  3. The first half of his shirt explains what happened to all of the JS folks.

    The latter half explains their bank accounts.

  4. slappy magoo

    A Springer audience in search of a Springer…

  5. So that’s why he finds her attractive.

  6. Guy behind has just realised he’s in photograph with these two. Not too impressed looking.

  7. 80% chance they are on their way to a buffet. Because he’s fat and she is too stupid to read a menu.

  8. journalschism

    Caption 25 years from now: JWoww and Roger Matthews in New Jersey.

  9. She is sporting an impressive dick-tuck.

  10. Well I hope you’re happy America.

  11. It’s Summer, yet she’s wearing boots, a hat, and two shirts. I guess it’s cold compared to the Hellhole from whence she came.

  12. The guy in the background is there to deliver hard and swift punches to the throat and head any time this pair of monumental genetic disasters do something annoying in public.

    They have a fantastic make-up person.

  13. I bet JWoww is fucking the black dude.

  14. I love to see couples who keep their personal lives out of the media…

  15. cc


  16. I think the “…in New Jersey” part can pretty much go without saying.

  17. Blankety Blanc

    Sniff the glue, Roger- don’t put it on your head.

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