1. Whatever perfume she’s wearing appears to be working.

  2. This just backs up my ‘she farted’ allegation on an earlier post… guilty, I say!

  3. “Your breath smells like smurf penis…”

  4. papastryfe

    I should have showered after walking near a KFC. Now Britney will never leave me alone.

  5. EricLR

    Careful, she can smell fear from a mile away…and also french fries.

  6. KWDragon

    *sniff sniff* “Yep, John Mayer sh*t here, too.”

  7. donkeylicks

    “It’s ok, that’s just how she greets people”

  8. Colin

    Look out, Madonna’s going for the jugular!

  9. “The guy wearing Hammer pants and hanging out with homeless guys used to put his penis in me numerous times a day.”

  10. *whispers* “I can smell your smurf”

  11. Katy: “Where’s her leash?”
    Britney: “Grrr!”

  12. Ummm… the neck. Your neck. You smell as sexy as Norman Reedus, you know?

  13. Booberry

    Well what do you know? You don’t get an Ethel Kennedy photo bomb every day.

  14. Schadenfreude

    Someone said John Mayer gave you a pearl necklace a few minutes ago, so why aren’t you wearing it?

  15. “My boobs are so awesome even bitches can’t resist”

  16. eh

    “I kissed a mentally challenged girl and I liked I-I-I-t, the smell of her medications…”

  17. She who smelt it ate its vagina. Or something like that…

  18. was she cast for her voice or her face? she could play a brain-dead smurfette.

  19. She looks stoned out of her gourd.

  20. cc

    The stench of mediocrity is strong.

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