1. tlmck

    Which one is the homeless guy?

  2. I guess Mickey Rourke isn’t doing as good as I thought he was.

  3. … while an angry Robert Plant quietly stalks them both …

  4. EricLR

    The Douche meets The Dude.

  5. Cock Dr

    That’s one street corner to avoid.
    Smells funny over there.

  6. They have on Opposite Pants.

  7. On a competing website, they had the same photo, only it was captioned: “Chris with his homeless friend Russell Brand in Los Angeles.”

  8. Thought balloon from Chris: “Jesus this guy smells.”

  9. “Chris LIKED Russel and everything, but whenever he would visit, a pack of smokes and a pair of underwear would go missing.”

  10. caley

    It’s like a magical street where everyone has glam rock hair.

  11. They’re multiplying. Next week there will be four. Then eight. Then douchepocalypse.

  12. “No I’m serious Russel. You gotta’ do something about your wardrobe.”

  13. Russell Brand with his homeless friend Chris…while homeless friend of a friend Ted follows with the luggage.

  14. At least Chris has 2 pairs of sunglasses.

  15. I would rather hang out with the homeless guy.

  16. I like Russell. I am quite sure he smells bad, so I’m content to like him from afar. Way way afar.

  17. the homeless dude is thinkin’
    “why’s this guy smell like piss, pussy and bong resin?”

  18. Thought Bubble for Chris:

    “I can’t understand a fuckin’ word this Limey prick is saying…”

  19. “Hahaha his diaper is full too !”

  20. guy

    Nothing on here but a bunch of stupid comments from people that probably wouldn’t even give a homeless person a dollar, let alone take one out for lunch and coffee. You all suck.

    • Why would I feel obligated to give this dumbass money – he obviously has enough money for all the essentials of life, plus some extra for those cool leg tattoos.

  21. they spent 3 hours dressing each other

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