1. Shonzie

    That dress must be adamantium. I can’t see her nips.

  2. Josephus

    I know this is a place for jokes and snark and all, but if I can just be genuine for a minute:

    I would pay somewhere between $20 and $50 to watch Jennifer Aniston and Elizabeth Hurley in a jello wrestling match.

  3. Right now blood is pouring out of her chest as her nipples seek to escape their confinement.

  4. Holy shit, she finally found material that her nipples can’t penetrate. Any minute now she will be getting a call from the DOD asking her where they can get that material to line their tanks.

  5. I like Jennifer’s legs like I like my peanut butter… smooth and easy to spread

  6. ‘…Oh no! Her nipples! They’ve been frozen in carbonite!’

  7. Dawn

    She has nice legs.

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