1. Josephus

    I dunno, the guy behind the large black woman looks white.

  2. Cock Dr

    I will make fun of this person when they appear on People magazine or are out schilling their own reality TV show. Otherwise they are innocent of the crime of “celebrity-ness”.

  3. Those bedazzled espadrilles are not fabulous.

  4. I’ve never seen Erika Badhu without that thing on her head before.

  5. Minky Wail

    I like Rachel Jeantel’s new look.

  6. it had to be said

    Pretty sure being Magic’s kid isn’t enough to be a “celebrity.” E3 is no Kardashian. Just leave him alone.

  7. I loved how they included a giant palm tree for scale…

  8. slappy magoo

    What up Wit’ Dat?

  9. Isn’t that just Precious?

    No, seriously, isn’t that Precious, from the movie?

  10. He looks like he’s nervously rehearsing his “coming out” announcement to his dad. Man, is he going to be surprised.

  11. kevin kentish from connecticut

    I bet he can take a yard of dick …Sexy little minx

  12. Seriously, are they still called skinny jeans at this point?

  13. Christ. This guy makes me embarrassed to be gay.

    • I’m not sure he’s gay, NewDave. He might just be transgendered.

    • Oops, I just looked him up. He’s gay alright and dad is very proud.

      Sorry about that, I was trying to be hip and cool and show how much I know about the LBGT world. Unfortunately I know nothing about it and should stick to getting myself laid.

  14. Magic wanted a boy, his wife wanted a girl. Neither one got their wish.

  15. Tyler Perry presents: Madea Crosses the Street

  16. Who’s going to say anything to him? Nobody. I bet he dresses like that just to see if anyone has the balls to say something to him. 300 plus pounds, 6ft 9″, hell no.

  17. Booberry

    Maybe it’s one of those deals like George Foreman naming all his kids George regardless of gender. There’s probably five or six Earvin Johnsons. This just happens to be number three.

  18. Y’all say what you like, EJ3 knows his accessories. I’m glad he’s out the closet because I want to go in there and take all his stuff. Especially that turquoise purse from the other day. And these shoes here. He’s frickin awesome.

  19. That’s a whoooole lotta woman!

  20. sa·shay (s-sh) Informal
    intr.v. sa·shayed, sa·shay·ing, sa·shays
    a. To walk or proceed, especially in an easy or casual manner.
    b. To strut or flounce in a showy manner:

  21. I don’t like the short hair on Monique.

  22. navvet75

    He may be 6’9 and 300 pounds but if he trips he may never stop rolling.

  23. Jonah Hill’s been working on his tan.

  24. He looks light in the Swarovski loafers.

  25. gary coleman's ghost

    The purse makes him look fat.

  26. Queen Latifah’s never going to outrun those lesbian rumors if she doesn’t grow her hair out a little.

  27. Blankety Blanc

    ….and IV, and possibly V.

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