1. tlmck

    “Kelly, How did you convince the producers to get rid of Regis?”

  2. Too easy.

    And the photo is easily captioned as well.

  3. BlackManUSAonTwitter

    “This was the face I made when I sat down and didn’t see Michael (Strahan) in my seat.”

  4. Beltliner

    RealDoll sales plummet, Abyss Creations file Chapter 11

    “We’ve since fired the intern responsible for the ‘Kellie Ripper’ model,” said a company spokesman, who chose to remain anonymous. “But there’s no coming back from this.”

  5. No Kelly, your ovaries are past the other lips.

  6. “This is my Oh…varian cancer face!”

  7. Drawing on her recent experience in the testicular cancer research field.

  8. Well…she’s keeping up with the Kardasians. Rob at least.

  9. (Seen here auditioning for “Shrek 5 – Donkey’s Revenge”)

  10. Yep, I think I can see her ovaries from here.

  11. Not seen: The Doctor Cold Hands Travelling Checkup

  12. “Hey Kelly, how did you introduce yourself to Michael Strahan”

  13. icu

    “Kelly! Give us your best Kim Kardashian!”

  14. “We just need a few more photos, Kelly, then you can swallow it.”

  15. “I like to swallow but I don’t like to taste it.”

  16. cc

    Ah yes, the moment you realize you should never have gone along with your boyfriend’s remote control vibrator idea.

  17. She’s just using Micheal Douglas’ method of getting cancer.

  18. “Kelly, honey, Amanda Seyfried got the part. The movie’s already in the can, for chrissakes.”

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