1. Shonzie

    It’s sad when you realize the person you’re supposed to be looking at is the one on the right!

  2. Cuddles

    Dear Z list celebrity type girl,
    You’re supposed to bring a “friend” that makes you look better by comparison, not worse.

  3. Jon Pork

    Alright, come on guys, what’d you do with Cory Feldman?

  4. I was going to make the same jokes at the first two people, but all kidding aside, who is the chick on the left? Much more worthy of our interest.

  5. The girl on the left looks incredibly hot, while the girl on the right looks like JoJo Levesque.

  6. Pretty sad when you have to bring your own fluffer out on the date.

  7. Looks like Sara Rue has regained most of that weight.

  8. anonymous

    Yeah pretty bad when you become some unknown chick’s ugly best friend. Especially if you are the celeb.

  9. Holy fuck the girl in the red. How are you going to post this and not give us her name?

  10. “JoJo Levesque (WRONG) at Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood. (July 26, 2013)”


  11. I don’t much fancy yours guys.
    [Yes - I know I used that before]

  12. If JoJo Levesque is right, who’s left?

  13. Apparently her name is Marielle Jaffe you heathens. You are welcome:)

  14. Old Dad

    She brought the one on the left to attract the boys, and then she tries to steals them away from her.

  15. Sorry Jojo, but that chick in red stole the show. Wow.

  16. That beauty on the left (Marielle Jaffe) is a doll. But then, so is JoJo. And JoJo’s got tits! And tits make the world go around.

  17. C’mon, JoJo, you’ve been around for years. You’re legal. It’s about time you show us the goods!

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