1. tlmck

    Kinda sad that her disease is back. She was really hot there for a while.

  2. Gollum needzes vacation
    Gollum must tan again
    Me loves the precious…

  3. I think I gave some old man $10 last night on a late night infomercial to feed her for a month.

  4. For less than a dollar a day you can keep Nicole Richie alive. *shot of Richie covered in flies.

  5. I have to give her credit, she is incredibly dedicated to starving.

  6. Jack Ketch

    Fuck, is this the same broad that tweeted, “I’m, like, so pretty!” a few months back? Ugh.

  7. She was pretty hot back before she died.

  8. Okay Nicole, it is time to eat now, this is not good.

  9. Posted under JoJo Levesque?

  10. When did she turn black?

  11. Ah, Saint Tropez… famous for the Riviera, its beaches and its fressssshhhhh brrrrraaaaaiiiiiiinnnnzzzzzzz

  12. This is too skinny.

  13. do they just not eat, throw up or on drugs?

  14. renotastic

    “Hello. Is it a sandwich you’re looking for?”

  15. Tonight, on $25,000 Pyramid:

    “Ruffles, mountains, sand dunes, Nicole Richie’s chest…”


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