1. Yep, still creepy.

  2. “Don’t forget my metamucil, please…”

  3. “C’mon, you know I was kidding. You’re the only adopted daughter for me.”

  4. Hanging out on Roman Polanski’s boat.

  5. Woody is too old to have any kids of his own, but she gets all weird when he talks about wanting to adopt.

  6. Booberry

    For obvious purposes, Soon Yi had her eyes glued shut around ten years back.

  7. “Come on darling, back to Mommy’s uterus. You know the drill.”

  8. Nothing like incestuous, child molester true love.

  9. Soon ye will be dead, and Soon Yi will be rich

  10. How does it feel to have sex with the person who raised you? Ew. Fuck it. Forget I asked .

  11. cc

    She’s getting a bit long in the tooth for a Woody.

  12. Fear of water or fear of Mia knowing you married your step daughter?

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