1. Cuddles

    For a minute I thought Bruce Jenner finally got a haircut and GOOD plastic surgery.

  2. meeps!

    Practice, practice, practice…

  3. I could make more fun of this if I knew what he was actually doing.

  4. papastryfe

    Not to be outdone by Kelly Ripa…

  5. rospo

    What-the-hell ?

  6. In Cricket, even DRINKING doesn’t make any goddamn sense.

    • cc

      Sure it does. You pour your mint julip into a water glass, add an olive (MINUS the pimento), and use only your tongue to fish it out, while simultaneously smoking.

  7. “Shane – dude. What are gonna do with the winning Horse?”

  8. He must owe Putin money.

  9. Meshuggah Tits

    Robert Redford found a way to unwrinkle his skin!

  10. yourmom

    You’ll never get deep with your tongue sticking out like that!

  11. Booberry

    If that’s a bong, he might want to ask somebody about a better way to use that.

  12. Isn’t this a celebrity website?

  13. I hate it when I forget how to drink from a glass too

  14. You’re hired.

  15. toopier

    He’s just trying to confuse the Medical Examiner.

  16. This reminds me of the only funny scene from Earth Girls Are Easy when Jim Carey’s character uses his tongue to get the last cube of ice from the bottom of a very long glass. The women all flipped and fought over him. I doubt 80′s CGI can help this guy get Downtown Julie Brown for the night.

    I blame that scene for all the alien/human smut once the internet got popular.

  17. Well, well, looks like somebody invented clean bukkake

  18. Macca

    It’s called “Bull Frogging” not sure why it’s seen as a cool thing to do but usually your that shitfaced that your drunk mates thinks its funny while everyone else thinks you like a knob just like Warney’s doing. You can take the Bogan out of Australia but you can take the Bogan out of Warney.

  19. Macca

    okay corrected its “you’re” for the grammar Nazi’s :).

    • GG

      G’day. Don’t mean to be a pain in the arse or anything, as I really liked your comments, but I think it should be ‘can’t’ instead of ‘can’. Anyway, good on ya, mate!

  20. PZ

    Looks like he’s still got a drinking problem.

  21. Weirdest cell phone I’ve ever seen…

  22. All jokes aside, you know he is fucking Elizabeth Hurley?
    No jokes just sobbing like a girlie man .

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