1. Well at least we know what she did to make Ryan Seacrest dump her.

  2. Michael

    Now this girl I can watch twerk all day! Just like these silly geese watching her!

  3. B Money

    Boys, show the lady your appreciation and put a couple a dollars out there.

  4. I love a flexible woman. Julianne is starting to grow on me.

  5. “Attention Whore” is taped in front of a live studio audience.

  6. “Hey look everyone! Her boob fell out!”

  7. cc

    That guy is smiling as broadly as I would be in those circumstances. Good for him.

  8. MFer

    The hair ruins it.

  9. What exactly is she performing? This chick strikes me as slightly prudish. This seems like a bit of a leap for her, outfit included, without some sort of major incentive, like say ohhhh I dunno a shotgun?

  10. Back pain

    “Oh boy it’s a real girl”

  11. derp

    Dude on the right has his eyes on the prize

  12. Rumer Willis looks pretty good

  13. Never pull out the dollars until the top comes off, make them work for it.

  14. Visible

    Why are they objectifying her with male gaze?

  15. She is such a little tiny cutie, I’d put my dick in soft and listen to her bones break as it was getting hard.

  16. … and not a trace of cottage cheese. My compliments, Miss Hough.
    I await your call. :)

  17. tlmck

    Not much of a crowd for a L.A. strip club.

  18. Who the fuck does a Miley Cyrus Cosplay?

  19. renotastic

    Her greatest split since Seacrest.

  20. “Elder Fry, this is surely the greatest Word of Wisdom seminar in LDS history!”

    “Truly, I agree with you, Elder Simmons! What say you, Elder Pratt?”

    “Hmmmm. I don’t think Sister Julianne is wearing the undergarments of Chastity.”

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