1. Is that a penis dressed as a leprechaun?

  2. Prince Harry just sent William a dick pic.

  3. “And this was in Las Vegas, you say?”

  4. See, its not really rough, but not really gentle. You just, I don’t know, knead them, maybe.

  5. “Who would send you a selfie of their wrinkled gingered balls?”
    “I have no idea.”

  6. Harry (thinks to self): “Hair to the throne! Hair to the throne! Get it, HAIR? Hahahahahaha!”

    Kate and William (thinking): “Even balder than this morning.”

  7. “Oh shit, Harry sent Photo Boy picture of dad in a jet again.”

  8. @*!^&%$#

    Its the lady in the corner who really locks it in. Definitely a dick pic.

  9. “Oh, Will dear, when did ‘Arry go to Vegas again?”

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