1. Fukushima: 1
    Malibu: 10000

  2. Yikes! I thought that was Chris Brown for a second!!

    • Are you crazy?

      Paris and her sister Nicky were the one’s video taped calling people ‘niggers’ at a New Year’s Eve party not that long ago.
      She was also the one who beat feet once she saw she was making out with Vin Diesel, because he’s “1% Black”.

      No, it’s not Chris Brown.

  3. That can’t be Paris HIlton. It appears that this woman has the smallest indication of an ass.

  4. Short Round

    Even if this were a Paris Hilton video game there aren’t enough health packs to cure whatever he now has.

  5. Isn’t she the one who said “I can’t stand if a guy is even 1% black”? I’m paraphrasing of course, but I remember she said a lot of racist shit in her day.

  6. That having been said, I’d get in that flat ass.

  7. She should just carry around scripts for Valtrex.

  8. I bet she pronounces it like “Herm├Ęs”. To keep it upscale.

  9. Sad to think that lightning was just 2 beaches away….

  10. Sadly, she is someone who SHOULD be Photoshopped.

  11. Well, Pacific Ocean, it was a good run.

  12. JO JO

    I dont think hes black he looks Greek and we all know she has a thing for Greek Shipping Heirs…. guess shes done opening her wallet for a while.

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