1. where will you be when the Hepatitis© strikes?

  2. BTW, for the whole “I’d lick her (nicki minaj/kelly brook/other cultural speed bump) ass like a popsicle” crowd :

    Hepatitis A is transmitted through feces (shit) that is ingested. It can make you sick, but does not cause death. If you enjoy rimming, you could get hepatitis A if you rim without using a latex barrier between your mouth and your partner’s anus (ass hole). You can also contract parasites as a result of rimming without the use of a barrier.

    The more you know, kids! Stay in school! Don’t lick people’s assholes!

  3. Isn’t anyone going to mention the guy in the orange hat?

  4. fred

    “No, no Miss. I am sorry. You cannot a enter. Your Geiger counter reading is off a da charts.”

  5. Slappy Magoo

    Poor old bat, thought it was a convention for her shitty old show.

  6. Bob

    Apparently “VIP” means something different in Italian.

  7. which zombie movie is this again?

  8. Hey LOOK it’s Ricky Martin……

  9. Ralph

    Is that her real face?

  10. “This way to the VIP Room Ms. Anderson”

    “Oh glad you think I’m a very important person.”

    “No, VIP stands for Very Infected Person.”

  11. Honestly, I’d have the same look on my face if Mickey Rourke from 1989 walked right in front of me too.

  12. “Hey, Pam, there’s your career…no wait, that’s just dog shit.”

  13. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    Looks like the remotely-controlled vibrating butt plug just got turned up a few notches.

  14. That’s the look on their face right before they eat yours.

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