1. Guest.

    That’s the look of a child whose balls are being smashed

  2. If I was him, I’d show them my work on Ray Donovan. Discipline issue solved.

  3. I didn’t know Liev was a musician…and the rusty trombone is an under appreciated instrument.

  4. While RP-ing the joke “The Aristocrats”, the Schreiber family is startled by Gerard Butler’s sudden emergence from a Port-a-Potty.

  5. I did that to a kid once. Now I have to introduce myself to my neighbours everytime I move.

  6. Sometimes you just gotta throw them in and let ‘em learn to swim for themselves.

  7. Meshuggah Tits

    Was January Jones teaching a parent/child fitness class?

  8. Best. Hand puppet. Ever.

  9. buzz

    Only in So Cal can you carry your children with your thumb and fingers like a six pack or a bowling ball.

  10. “For the last time, I’m telling you Gerard Butler isn’t hiding in there! Now go!”

  11. Odbarc

    Pope-grab the kid, threw him and say “He’s a liar!”

  12. fred

    “No daddy, no. I promise. I won’t ever ask why you drive us around on that crazy bike ever again. Just please don’t throw me. Not again!”

  13. That is NOT the correct way to motorboat an underage child!

  14. Josephus

    Schreiber being an actor, there is a 50 percent chance the kid’s name is actually Brentwood.

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