1. Michael

    Where has this peach been hiding?

  2. How many of you even noticed the weed pipe?

  3. I’d watch her and Jenna Bush fuck.

  4. I love this sexy woman. She always plays some pretty badass roles.

  5. Hansel and Hottie

  6. buzz

    Look at Gemma then to look at Lindsey Lohan and come back and tell us who actually looks good. Realize that Gemma is older than LL by a few months.

  7. She looks like an Emoticon.

  8. Obviously stopped at the produce market. That’s a nice sack of oranges she’s got there…

  9. Michael Buble

    Fucking splendid.

  10. ap

    Just looked it up and can confirm Gemma is british for big boobs.

  11. The “boobs” have expanded exponentially since Gemma filmed The Disappearance of Alice Creed.

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