1. Perplexity

    John Cusack – the anti Greico.

  2. it had to be said

    Who? Oh right. Joan’s brother. Fuck you too, dude.

  3. You don’t like it, get plastic surgery and give up your career and live in the fucking mountains in seclusion…asshole.

  4. Frank The Duck

    You won’t get a taxi like that mister

  5. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    It’s like he thinks every time someone takes his picture there’s a crowd on the internet just waiting to laugh at him. What a wanker!

  6. mimiy

    alrighty then

  7. achilles wrath

    He’s one of my favourite actors! lol

  8. Never knew he was the flipping off the paparazzi type. He just earned even more respect from me.

  9. Visible Ink

    Love it when once popular celebs start giving the finger to the camera. It’s a clear sign they understand their career is over.

  10. Colin

    If you think this is the first middle finger he’s given to society, you clearly haven’t seen any of his movies.

  11. fvalen001

    *knock knock* “U.P.S.”

  12. No, man… you’re number one.

  13. j/k


  14. Bionic_Crouton

    Be nice! The box he’s carrying is also his home!

  15. Blech

    I love him. I love him and his middle finger.

    Fuck your thumbs-down.

  16. wjaneala

    but I want. my. TWO. DOLLARS!

  17. Biff

    Fuck day PA-PO! hahaha

  18. tlmck

    Paps must have called him by the wrong name again.

  19. That’s all I’d pay to see one of your fucking movies now, asshole.

  20. EricLr

    He’s all pissed that the TSA confiscated his 2 gallons of hair dye.

  21. flimflam

    Just look at that mediocrity.

  22. Roseanne Barr

    Yeah that’s what I thought about “Hot tub Time Machine” too!

  23. Urvag

    Oh no! He is such a cutie. One of the paps fucked up. (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it)

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