1. Johnny P!

    I fear he’s not long for this world…
    The old Gypsy woman in the background just realized: “Him that cheeseburger video man!” and cursed him.

  2. Perplexity

    Woman reacting after TheHoff tells her to “Fuck off – I don’t sign shit unless there is a cheeseburger involved!” TheHoff thinks he’s hilarious.

  3. She loves the Hoff for his personality. What a sweet couple!

  4. it had to be said

    “Hees car no talk. My life has been a lie. Dios mio.”

  5. Bigalkie

    Don’t look sad ( krone in background ) after twenty shots The Hoff doesn’t discriminate. You’ll get a crack.

  6. “A vegetarian burger?!?!?! Are you serious?!!?!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA”

  7. Dusty Diamond

    No one told him Selena’s biggest fan has taken eyes to him after early parole.

  8. “Herpes?? AHAHAHA. No honey, roses can’t give you herpes. You’re thinking of toilet seats.”

  9. “No. No. We need more Lemon Pledge.”

  10. mimiy

    stop laughing damn it, your farts are killing me

  11. cc

    You sonofabitch, you no like roses?

  12. Bionic_Crouton

    Lupita realizes that while the stupid white man is laughing and carrying on like an idiot, now would be the perfect time to steal his wallet.

  13. Frunken

    Illegitimate child support must be late

  14. Hey, Hasselhoff…yeah, you, you fucking ass-hat. Shirts unbuttoned to the navel work only for beautiful women with great tits. You need to go re-evaluate your life. Then enjoy a hemlock nightcap.

    PS: Leave that dumb blonde bimbo at my place. I’ll send her back after an hour or so to view your corpse.

  15. The Pope

    “Save your roses for Schwarzenegger, lady! Bwahahahahahaha!”

  16. tlmck

    The woman with the flowers says: “Hey you bigshot, you owe me money!”

  17. Ralph Monroe, suddenly realized her carpenter brother Alf was correct. She had wasted money on roses for the Hoff.

  18. EricLr

    Only the Hoff would have the balls to hug his girlfriend with his wife standing 2 ft to his left.

  19. Dinosaurland

    In the background, there is always a Chilean housekeeper Hasselhoff fathered a child with in the 1980′s saying it all with her eyes.

  20. squishy

    Well, at least he is getting some use out of those mismatched threads he bought in the 80′s.

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