1. Cock Dr

    Those are some big silly fakers right there.

  2. USDA Prime McBeef

    A night with JWoww? Yeah, I’m only paying for 30 minutes.

  3. Even in that dress, I betcha she couldn’t count to two.

  4. LRonHoover

    Lousy bolt-ons and that cheesy fucking no tooth smile she always has plastered on her face. A night? Nah.. just long enough to hit her in the shitter.

  5. She looks sticky. Like if you flicked bottle caps at her naked body, they’d stick there. You just know there’s a smell about her that after a shower you think “oh thank god that smell is gone”, and kind of sigh as it immediately starts coming back.

  6. Remember when call girls had to enter a casino through the service entrance?

  7. mamamiasweetpeaches

    What exactly is ” A NIGHT WITH JWOW?” is it something you buy on CRAIGS LIST for “seven roses”???

    • Rapsutin's Evil Twin

      Actually, a fifth of “Four Roses” should do the trick.

      Now I recall why I hate casinos.

  8. Oldnslo

    Second prize is TWO nights!

  9. Technically it’s not “breadloafing” if you can slip a piece of paper in there. Try it with, say, a $5 bill.

  10. IAmAGuest

    For some reason I am thinking about the Coneheads. Greetings!

  11. Mickey01232000

    I wonder if the event was sponsored by Valtrex?

  12. Joe

    Who needs brains when you’ve got great tits?

  13. lily

    she just ruined my favorite color.

  14. Emma Watson's Vagina

    i could fuck her. have a seriously relationship with her. don’t know as i don’t know her.

  15. cc

    ‘A Night with JWow, a Lifetime with Herpes.’

  16. Humpinfrog

    You don’t want to fuck her. Because that leads to kissing and then you have to talk to her. Which leads to walking down the center lane of a highway or bridges with long drops.

  17. Bionic_Crouton

    Why would anyone want to pay for a night watching her curse and staggering drunk across stage flashing her huge almost bare breasts when they can watch it online for free?

  18. Hands down, the best rack on a double amputee I’ve ever seen.

  19. She’s growing on me. But then, so are ear and nose hairs.

  20. The Pope

    Venus de Mono

  21. joho777

    JWOW’s fake rack is too high on her rib cage. Don’t her johns ever notice?

  22. Kabe

    Subtlety, thy name is “Jersey Herpes outbreak patient zero”

  23. Blech

    Well, at least she succeeded in shaving with butter.

    Now all we have to do is put her on a rooftop… and leave her there.

  24. From “JWoww” to “J…Meh” I still want to see her nekkid.

  25. Does the night include use of a hazmat suit?

  26. Wait – is this the pregnant one?

  27. Khloeadriana

    I hate when girl’s cant choose the right underwear…

  28. Yeaaah I think I’d probably have sex with her….I feel like I caught something from even thinking that.

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