1. USDA Prime McBeef

    Looks like a flipper arm. Thalidomide wins again.

  2. Cock Dr

    It’s never good to be photographed coming out of a quickie mart looking all spattered. It leads to embarrassing speculations.

  3. Perplexity

    Outfit comes complete with cankle guards.

  4. Someone’s pissed that the Little Debbie sale ended yesterday.

  5. Giving up already? That’s too bad.

  6. Dusty Diamond

    Another member of the Body By Jessica Simpson club.

  7. Did she just have a baby? Or maybe eat a few? Dipped in the Golden Corral chocolate fountain?

  8. Frank The Duck

    Cue the Kettle Drums….

  9. jud

    i like her fat

  10. Alex

    “Stampede, Earl! Stampede!”

    -Kevin Bacon, Tremors

  11. Oldnslo

    Apparently, semen has a ton of calories.

  12. Visible Ink

    Apparently, her and Jessica Simpson are in some weird twisted race to who can gross out their dwindling fanbase more.

  13. kimmykimkim

    Sweet holy fat mother of fat fucking god. And don’t you pregnant bitches or bitches with kids EVEN give me that “she just had a baby” bullshit. She had a baby, not an elephant. So there’s no excuse.

    And Diabeetus.

  14. lily

    Poor thing….shes huge, but i still have faith she will get it together. her face is too pretty to be wasted with this extra 50 lb

  15. IAmAGuest

    Look at this pic. Now look at the Alessandra Ambrosio photo. Now look back at this one.

    She had her kid 7 weeks before Alessandra had hers.

  16. Jade

    Someone call the fashion police, or even just Walmart.. this girl needs help.

  17. She looks really sexy these days.

  18. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    i always knew this girl would blow up with age. you could always tell by the thickness of her wrists and ankles during her lizzie mgquire days and her tendency to fluctuate up and down in weight. its always the ones with the pretty faces that let them selves go

  19. cc

    I love Lego too.

  20. Continu

    Beth Ditto furiously walks away from family and friends that set up a weight-intervention at Wall Mart.

  21. Dr. Meatgoat

    She looks like a bigfoot I want to stick my penis in. Is there a website for that yet?

  22. Bionic_Crouton

    Genie: Tell me your greatest wish and I can make it come true!
    Hilary Duff: I want to be a BIG star!
    Genie:So be it!

  23. Blech

    I can’t top Bionic’s comment, and I had (and have) no intention o do it.

    I’m just gonna admit a very scary thought here and it is… I thought those were pants.

  24. wjaneala

    Hey Kool-Aid!

  25. tlmck

    That’s what can happen when shopping for plus sized clothing. You take what you can get.

  26. I don’t really care that she’s put on a bunch of weight. I still think she’s cuter than a calico kitten and I’d love to ‘rassle with her.

  27. rawfodog

    Is this from that People of Walmart site?

  28. mbcl

    Is she wearing hockey pads underneath her muumuu ?

  29. Shasta

    I don’t really give a shit that she’s still fat, but what the hell is she wearing?

  30. Raaaaaaaa

    enough duff!

  31. EricLr

    I can sympathize. I too buy all my clothes used out of a homeless hippie’s van.

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