1. EricLR

    And speaking of Tom Cruise….

  2. Can these guys look any more dandified?

  3. That look is unmistakable. Some poor man is about to become the meat in a Jonas brothers’ sandwich.

  4. Slappy Magoo

    Wham: The Next Generation.

  5. ty

    “Nice cock. What is that-9 inches? Call me.”

    “Me too.”

  6. Kevin: “Hey Joe, I’m gonna go over here and talk to those fans. You in?”
    Joe [Moves closer]: “Oh yeah… I’m in… I’m aaaallll the way in…”

  7. cc

    The guy in the back is following in the footsteps of George Michael.

  8. Producer

    “Uh, yeah, they look nice and make you look rugged, but we meant bring your wives.”

  9. I didn’t think you could slap someone with your cock hard enough to leave a bruise, but I guess you can.

  10. Almost as hairy as a Kardashian….almost.

  11. Have you guys met Jon Hamm?

  12. Dude needs to do something about that hair. Not only does he look like a woman, but an UGLY woman who needs a bath and a shave.

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