1. “whHHooaa,….sorry sweetie….this Lithium is all its cracked up to be

  2. “Side-childing. It’s an ancient Indo-Chinese technique to pacify children. It’s basically THE BEST thing a mom and baby can do together, but I don’t expect you paparazzi bastards to understand that. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to get my mid-morning tuna roll and kelp juice bowl.”

  3. “Paparazzi! Quick, desaparecerá niña!”

  4. “Oh, no! Haha. He’s only $250 an hour for my public outings.”

  5. Jenn

    If she flies,she’s Superman’s kid. Drop her and see.

  6. Spanish women have a “thing” about cutting their hair short after having a baby…on some it looks ok and on others,it looks awful.Elsa should have left her hair long.It maies her look like the childs grandmother.

  7. I think she looks great. And check out those legs!

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