1. Pickle Nose

    I hate all these people.

  2. Who thought Nic Cage could possibly look the most normal out of a group of any four people?

  3. They look like people from Club Hel in the Matrix movies.

  4. BP

    What a gorgeous family………not!

  5. EricLR

    Are….are they doing to kill James Bond at some point during this party?

  6. That was my FAVORITE Star Trek Episode, where they went to the mirror dimension and met their evil dopple gangers.

  7. (In Bruce Vilanch voice)


  8. Slappy Magoo

    See, this is unfair, to have so much douche in one place in Italy means so many Italian villages have to deal with a douche shortage.

  9. ty

    one in the pink, three in the stink.

  10. Batu Khan

    This fully explains the entity knows as Weston Cage.

  11. Years later it was said that, once they left the island, no resident or visitor ever claimed a not-no-fresh feeling again.

  12. What in the fuck is going on in this photo?

  13. Here is the American Dream made flesh. Where is your God now, you Republican fuckers!?

  14. Minky Wail

    So a Goth couple double dated with a Drama Club “couple” at the prom?

  15. Is Nick wearing a pearl necklace?? WTF?
    And is Weston the big baby whose trainer has to kick his ass once in a while to keep him in line?

  16. Cock Dr

    Here’s a reality TV show concept I could cheer the fuck on.

  17. Good to see after all his money problems that now Nic Cage is spending it wisely – on pink suits and Asian hookers.

  18. Hello Alice Kim.

  19. TheGhost

    “welcome to dysfunction junction, we’ll be your tour guides”

  20. Pepto-Bismol must pay Nicholas Cage well to promote their new fashion line.

  21. crackerland

    Where is Nic Cage’s right hand? I guess that explain the ecstasy on Weston’s face and why he turned out so fucked up.

  22. “Hey, jerk-stick, would you hurry up and take the fucking photo already? I can’t hold this kid up all goddamn night!”

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