1. chicken of the sea

    I thought dogs ate cats?!? Why is it just wretching??

  2. Pooch can smell gooch

  3. it’s weird…my brain is telling me that a woman with her legs spread should be sexy, but my penis is saying “no, no, no” like that mexican maid from Family Guy.

  4. bernard

    i love everything about the female anatomy

  5. The Pope

    Lots of ripples today. But at least the water is calm.

  6. drustyle

    I dropped my Snausage in there and didn’t hear it hit.

  7. *This is Lex Luthor. Only one thing alive with less than four legs can hear this frequency, Superman, and that’s you.*

  8. joe

    Looks like she’s related to Chyna.

  9. Rabid1

    Find the biscuit!

  10. Talk about perfectly timed photos. That’s a great view.

    • Mike Walker

      PB missed the good ones. There’s a pic with the dog’s head burrowed into her crotch and another with her on her knees presenting hole.

  11. Helena Handbasket

    Step 2: apply peanut butter,

  12. That’s Pippy The Cave Rescue Dog. They start them out on small ones on the first run.

  13. WOOF!…… woof…….. woof
    ARF!…… arf……… arf
    YIP!….. yip…….. yip
    WOOF!…… woof……. woof

    [Doubts anyone will get that one..... get that one.... that one.... one]

  14. HackSaw

    He is looking for her boobs

  15. Doggie Thought Bubble:

    “Mmmmm…yummy. She’s askin’ for it, I tell you. Really askin’ for it. I’ll wait till no one’s looking…”"

  16. “Will someone toss me the peanut butter please?”

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