1. Pickle Nose

    Yo Jerry, Sliders was a long time ago, and being Mr Romijn-Stamos doesn’t make you famous enough to wear sneakers to somebody’s wedding, so put some nice wingtips on.

  2. Pickle Nose

    Fair enough. I’m guess I’m just jealous. How does he keep her around? I know it’s Stamos’s sloppy seconds, but still, his last notable movie was Kangaroo Jack!

  3. EricLR

    Did the invitation say “Dress as Gordon Gekko”?

  4. Batu Khan

    Rebecca’s expression says it all: Next time I’m picking his clothes.

  5. Glad to see they’re taking someone’s wedding seriously enough to bust out the formal wear. Nothing says respect like a steering wheel themed dress, sneakers, and a suit borrowed from an older brother.

  6. At what point do you drop the child actor middle name thing?

  7. Sneakers with suits will never be acceptable to be. You are an adult, dress like one.

  8. Snorks

    It’s okay – those shoes are prescription for whatever in god’s name is happening to his legs.

  9. DeDe

    Why is she so puffy looking?

  10. Hey, Rebecca, swallow the goo and try eating some real food. Your legs look like Pixie Sticks.

  11. Say what you want, the fat kid from Stand By Me did good snaggin’ her.

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