1. Pickle Nose

    Legitimate question here: did she have the baby?

  2. Where the hell is her center of gravity? Her wrap says one thing, and her feet another.

  3. Goddammit, you’re going to finally make me google her and figure out who the hell she is, aren’t you?

  4. BP

    Isnt this the bitch that wore the skin tight maternity clothes and you coiuld see the outline of her babys dick! Is she still pregnant?

  5. So much for the “Stripes are thinning” theory.

  6. EricLR

    I’m pretty sure we’re had better be rounding up those daggers from those “Omen” movies.

  7. Is Peter Dinklage walking under her dress?

  8. Slappy Magoo

    It took long enough but The Denny Dillon look is finally getting its due.

  9. Are you sure this isn’t Lazy Philipps?

  10. JPC

    That skirt is actually a printout from a Richter scale, measuring the vibrations caused by each step she takes

  11. Off to fetch the boat for the top her head, and resume her duties as the giant from Time Bandits.

  12. I don’t know if iots the name, her fat oompa-loompa look or a combination of the two, but whenever I see this lady and her name, I burst out laughing…I mean really loud laughing. People think i’m nuts at work.

  13. So thoroughly ruined.

  14. aj

    Kaneda!!!! Help me!!!! Please!!!!

  15. If she’s that large, she obviously isn’t “busy” enough.

  16. Slow down…Denny’s doesn’t close.

  17. I’m sorry, I can’t make fun of this woman. She’s just too peculiar.

  18. I know the baby is supposed to drop in the last two weeks, but BELOW the waistline?

  19. Diana Prince

    More like Wilson Philips

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