1. Wait till I introduce her to Wilson. He’s gonna be so pumped.

  2. BP

    Goddam Flower…..

  3. cc

    She takes a fine picture.

  4. Move your hand so I can see where your tits lei

  5. Mr. Sensitive

    The “after” picture is similar except one eye is kinda glued shut.

  6. She’s been full of good ideas lately

  7. Would love to lei her with my cursed tiki idol.

  8. Her breasts are perfect. Fuck it, she is perfect.

  9. God bless life on Earth.

  10. Just when I was beginning to think that people are no damn good, you guys post this photo of a goddess. OK, fine! SOME people are no damn good.

  11. Instagram only looks good for Kelly. Henceforth ban Instagram for other commoners.

  12. Juan

    …and Miley is #1 in Maxim. Really?

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