1. EricLR

    Oh, hell no….Now *I KNOW* I didn’t just hear some motherfucker singing “Lolipop Guild”, did I???

  2. Uhmmm Pete… Not cool taking her chair after the whole red wedding episode… Just sayin…

  3. Ten bucks says he’s been dreading this convention for months

  4. Slappy Magoo

    When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide…

  5. “What, this is your chair Michelle? I don’t see your name on…hmmm”

  6. CrashHell

    You wanna know what’s in my SmartWater?…

  7. Michelle Fairley investigates first hand whether Tyrion Lannister’s legend precedes him in real life.

  8. cc

    Apparently he likes Mr Curry’s co-conspirator’s ass as much as I do.

  9. broduhjenner

    awww. that’s sweet. they gave him the little smart water bottle to make him feel big.

  10. Why isn’t there a movie with Dinklage and Shaq as bad ass crime fighting cop partners? Somebody needs to make that happen.

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