1. EricLR

    No, I will not sign your Little Arnie.

  2. “Reely? A maid joke? Come ooon….”

  3. “My hair will be back!”

  4. There’s always a black guy in the backgro.., oh wait, nevermind

  5. Slappy Magoo

    Yes, I was in Red Heat.
    No, I’m not Jim Belushi.

  6. “Fak. Just because you look like me and your mather’s a housekeeper doesn’t mean you are my…Malinda? Malinda is your mather? Let me get my wallet.”

  7. cc

    ‘Arnold, Arnold…is eating really not cheating?’

  8. Unbeknownst to Arnold, a new version of The Terminator was sent back from the future. Very advanced, very strong, and very… very… black.

  9. Just because your mom was a maid does not mean I am your father.

  10. Schadenfreude

    Look mothah fuckah, I did the GOOD verzhun of Total Recall. Dey vill have me bock heah every year, eefen ven I am a corpse, to sign autographs.

  11. “I like you Sully… Das vhy I’m gonna kill you last!”

  12. “Don’t EVER call me ‘mein fuhrer’ again…at least not in public!”

  13. “Your cap – give it to me !”

  14. sonofsamadams

    Yo He-Man, I heard you got back with Skeletor

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