1. She seems like a delightful person to hang out with. Or have lunch next to. Or sit in front of in a movie theater.

  2. Is she a Kardashian stunt double? They don’t suck dicks for real anymore, right?

  3. “This is how I made the money to pay for this dinner.”

  4. broduhjenner

    she just saw corey feldman.

  5. cc

    Hmph, that explains it…the other day I said to myself ‘Is that a braying donkey…here in the city?!’

  6. Henson? No wonder – with a mouth like that she looks like a muppet.

  7. “…and then my agent says ‘Why aren’t you at Comic Con? You can meet some pretty cool people at Comic Con.’ HA HA HA!”

  8. “oh ok, fine-but only since you bought lunch. But please try to keep it out of my eyes, ok?”

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