1. No drugs were harmed during this performance…

  2. Fuck a bowl-cut, this is how they should have dressed him in “No Country for Old Men”

  3. AweseomeTownie

    Americans can’t dress say Euro-fucking-peans.

  4. Tenk you veddy much. And now I would like to imitate de Elvis Presley.

  5. broduhjenner

    that’s not matthew mcconaughey? emphasis on the ghey.

  6. Keanu looks happier this week.

  7. Now the whole front row is pregnant.

  8. This guy just seems to love everything he does. He always seems to be having the time of his life.

  9. “Look at me… I’m Rhianna!
    *lifts leg and farts on crowd*

  10. In Spain this is what they mean when they say “beating off.”

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