1. *I love you Big Daddy Steven”
    “Shut up, baby. I know it.”

  2. Slappy Magoo

    He kicks ass & follows Jimmy Buffet around the word with his trusted and beautiful sidekick Nice Hat Stupid. Steven Seagal IS Parrothead Fu Manchu. TNT. We know drama.

  3. Under Siege 3: A Modicum of Good Taste

  4. cajunhawk

    A Pimp Named Dunlap

  5. “A lot of people ask me, ‘Steven Seagal, you’re a giant superstar. You can get any woman. Have you ever paid for sex?’ And the answer is yes, I have. Several times, in fact. And it’s actually kinda cool. You can negotiate practically anything and sometimes, even just kind of do stuff in the moment that you never agreed to pay for and it goes by without much argument.”

  6. Good thing she mixed in that hat. Her dress and shawl would have looked ridiculous without it.

  7. Dox

    You can almost here her thinking…
    “God I hope my mom doesn’t see this.”

  8. Where’d he get that sexy jacket I need one for my husband.

  9. “Two to beam up Mr. Worf”

  10. tommykonda

    not mentioned…he has a delicious pork loin snuggled between his breasticles under that jacket.

  11. Discount Dracula

    I heart Pilgrim Whores.

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