1. Mitch

    Why is he always dressed like a chick?

  2. Poor Shia. The other parking valet is getting better tips.

  3. “Alright it’s one dollar to look at it. Two dollars to touch it. Three dollars to watch ME touch it. Five dollars to touch it, while I touch my toes. Six dollars to touch it, while I touch YOUR toe…”

  4. Short Round

    Here, I’m going back to Mexico. Looks like you need this more anyway.

  5. Slappy Magoo

    Excuse me, sir, but when I said I want my money back for Crystal Skulls, that was supposed to cover the Milk Duds and Cherry Icee, too

  6. “Hey Jose, I just had an original idea, take a picture of my junk and then put it online. Nobody has ever thought of doing that before!”

  7. Hank E. Ring

    I’ll keep taking your money, but I told you, you walk everywhere.

  8. No man, give me my money back. That’s not what I meant by “a little Mexican blow.”

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