1. Awww, Rosemary finally got Adrian back.

  2. *Parents hand Paris the baby through the car window while they stand outside*

    “Aw. He’s just so cute. I’ve al-CHEESE IT!!!”

    *Limo speeds off leaving parents in the dust*

  3. Short Round

    Someone tell her that’s not a Chihuahua.

  4. “Yes child, you will be an acceptable sacrifice to high priestess Madonna. She will be pleased”

  5. limeseeds

    Wait, that’s not North West. But you said it’s the infant child of the world’s most awful parents.

  6. dontkillthemessenger

    Oh he’s beautiful.

    Now put him back on the roof where he belongs.

  7. Slappy Magoo

    Does the baby’s parents think exposing an infant to herpes will inoculate him for life?

  8. Em

    Please tell me this kid’s parents aren’t Jenny McCarthy fans…

  9. “You’re like the son I’m never going to have.”

  10. “Don’t worry, Precious. I’ll be as good of a mother as I am a DJ!”

  11. It’s going to be awkward when they have to wash that baby with fire.

  12. Yesssss, this child shall keep me alive for another week, oh hail the Dark Lord.

  13. MoreMariaNow!!

    Poor poor baby, may he rest in peace!!

  14. Dox

    Her nose is already starting to unfold into the proboscis she feeds with….

  15. “Oh Kim. She is adorable. You can take her back now…Kim?”

  16. Everything about this photo is just … ew.

  17. Flatliner

    Sometimes asking for a newbie into water sports turns out a little different than expected. But she still looks game.

  18. The famous psychologist Piaget’s second phase of child development: VD, blueballs, and a case of the crabs..

  19. JungleRed

    “Please don’t kiss me.”

  20. PassingTrue

    And they named him “Herpes”

  21. Baby

    “What’s wrong with your eye?”

  22. coljack

    “Does having untreated herpes prevent you from catching one of these? No? Oh crap…”

  23. “Who’s a cute little baby worth $150,000 on the black market? You are! You are!”

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