1. Em

    She just took (and saw) her first selfie, didn’t she? Poor thing.

  2. cc

    Hmph, the Sixth Sense isn’t as subtle as it used to be.

  3. Josephus

    If she is just getting the “Honey, I knocked up the maid” text, she really should have sprung for a better cell phone plan.

  4. Dormant Canadian

    Did she just come from the vet?

  5. “Someone needs to tell those two girls that is NOT what that cup is for!”

  6. Slappy Magoo

    There’s a Stepford app now?

  7. Keno

    The T-800 just arrived in front of her…

  8. Odd choice to play Mysterio in the next Spider-Man movie

  9. Fugazi

    Anthony Weiner just friended her.

  10. That hyperbaric space helmet should prevent anymore unnecessary melting.

  11. “Time is a cruel thief…” She used to be so well-spoken. Now, she’s stuck in her own thought bubble.

  12. Dox

    Too much exposure to Arnold apparently causes strange halos…..

  13. tommykonda

    Malificent is looking rough these days

  14. She’s made it into the White House. Now it’s off to kill Jack Nicholson.

  15. Red Pants

    Her bra is showing, what a slut!

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