1. Sorry but this picture is mis-labeled. I’m almost certain that’s my shop teacher from high school in the mid-90′s

  2. yourmom

    Eeww. Just, EWWWW!

    There’s no way he still has enough cash…

    • I hate admitting this, but I still would. I always had a think for Dice. Don’t ask for an explanation… I’m sure it’s buried somewhere deep between not having a dad since I was three, and my best friend’s drunken father screaming about putting needles in his dick and then passing out under her kitchen table after threatening to kill himself when I was 12. But it’s there.

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    The only explanation is that George Clooney was her previous boyfriend.

  4. He must have made some good investments.

  5. Slappy Magoo

    She needed da money! OH!*

    *Joke’s on her, Dice has no money.

  6. cletus

    “Hickory dickory dock,
    This bitch was crushing my cock…”

  7. Looks like Frank is trying out the D.E.N.N.I.S system.

  8. cajunhawk

    Jack and Jill went up a hill…both with a buck and a quarter…Jill came down with 2.50…OHHHHH!!!

  9. “Hickory dickory decker… I wish I could erect my pecker!”

  10. Dox

    Coming soon… Hip Surgery.

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