1. beaver eater

    What the hell is sloth from Goonies doing out?

  2. Eric

    At first I thought it was Chris Mathews, then I saw the teeth, definitely British dental work.

  3. Rockin with Dokken

    One look at that mouth clears up how the keys for the Tower of London were made.

  4. Slappy Magoo

    Gervais dyed his hair for the third season of Derek? Bold move.

  5. Doesn’t he know that eggs are full of cholesterol? What’s healthy about a heart attack?

  6. “I drop the egg, ME AM FIRED! HA HA” – Ronald Trump

  7. Prince Harry has seen better days.

  8. No amount of inbreeding could keep Ian from his eggs. His precious, precious eggs. Many adult diapers would carry the burden of his excitement on this glorious day.

  9. CK

    Now tell me that utensil isn’t a perfect jigsaw-puzzle-piece-fit for those teeth.

  10. You can’t tell me his office isn’t filled with blow-up toys, Legos and a giant Twister board.

  11. “Uh…Boris, the egg hunt is for the children.”
    “…But I’m winning!”

  12. Red Pants

    It appears that after he dyed the Easter eggs he put the rest of the color on his head.

  13. Voice of Reisling

    Darrell Hammond, ladies and gentlemen.

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