1. Short Round

    I look like that. Tell me I look like that! LIE TO ME!!! *wipes tear*

  2. cc

    LeAnn, look how fat she is!

  3. “Now that’s how you wear a bikini, I remember when you were skinny”

  4. Eddie’s speech bubble: “Remember when you used to look like that? I do. Hit the gym, you fatass.”

  5. “Eddie, can you help me? I think I got something in my eye.”
    “Yeah…great story babe.”

  6. Dormant Canadian

    LeAnn Rimes planning her next round of plastic surgery and, as she well knows, it’s going to hurt.

  7. “We should totally have a threesome with her…”
    “I’d suck on her for calories”
    “Yeah, whatever floats your boat”

  8. yourmom

    “Honey, I SWEAR, I was only looking to make sure your tits are better! They are SO MUCH BETTER! Please stop crying…”

  9. David

    Next mark.

  10. ticktock

    No, of course I won’t leave you for her. Not till sweeps, anyway.

  11. Eddie, why did you take me to the Lane Bryant swimwear show?

  12. papaschmurfenstein

    Great, LeAnn’s crying. Guess i’ll be cleaning up stomach bile for the next two weeks again.

  13. Dox

    “I wonder if I can trade up…..”

  14. The shapeshifter had taken the form of Ryan Seacrest in an attempt to blend in. It did not realize that the PDA with the blonde would be the only clue the authorities would need.

  15. GOB

    “I’ve made a huge mistake”

  16. “It’s so moving they give these plus size models their day.”

  17. “You’re right sweetie, they shouldn’t let fatties wear bikinis.”

  18. Jane

    Who takes their man to a bikini show? What a kinky thing to do? All he is thinking about is getting one of them into his hot tub. And, now every time he has sex with her, all he’ll be thinking about is one of the beautiful models.

  19. Dibs on brunette with glasses on her head up left.

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