1. Can’t say I blame the kid… Easy there little Oedipus..

  2. EricLr

    Looks like someone is trying to outrun her past.

  3. catapostrophe

    “That be my mom, mon.”

  4. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Those shoes are retarded

  5. “Mommy, did you lose weight in your ankles?”

  6. tlmck

    “Mommy, you’re an embarrassment.”

  7. Emma Watson's Vagina

    Boner Boy II

  8. The Adventures of Kingston and the Magical Aesexual Ostrich.

  9. Veronika Larsson

    She supervises the household staff, she eats once a week, she lives off her former musical glory–how does she manage all that and still find time to dress like a street corner hooker? She’s Super Mom!

  10. Mel

    Prepare for Paris Hilton’s pancake ass to sue Gwen Stefani’s pancake ass for identity theft.

  11. Hank E. Ring

    No Kingston, Mommy has told you she isn’t a hooker, she just likes to dress like one for attention.

  12. Even Gwen Stefani’s child sees that her career is a mere shadow of herself.

  13. Bonky

    “Mommy, why does your reflection look like one of those hookers on the street corner ?”

  14. Damnit, I knew I shouldn’t have lent Jessica Simpson my favorite shoes.

  15. Carson

    Hey Kingston, call Stephanie Seymour and she will explain that funny feeling in your pants !

  16. “Mommy? What’s an anus and why does my gym teacher want to stick his tongue inside of yours?”

  17. Contusion

    “Mommy, I just accidentally dropped my Hot Wheels car in your shoe.”

  18. Alison

    She obviously named him Kingston because she is reppin’ Jamaica HARD.

  19. ahah

    “mom where did your ass go?”

  20. lily

    the outfit…mehhh. but i love gwen’s personality and shes got more talent than 90% of the women on this site.

  21. The Brown Streak

    The missing scene from the Flintstones movie where Barney solicits sex from a streetwalker named Wilma.

  22. Bionic_Crouton

    Kingston: Mommy, When are we going to eat?

    Gwen: NEVER!!

  23. Kingston suddenly felt the urge to slap his mother and hump her leg while she begged him for another $100. It was here he first had the notion that suicide was the only way out.

  24. cutthecrap

    worse case of club foot ever!

  25. El Jefe

    Damn, I want to be on the PTA with her.

  26. Beer Whisperer

    Gwen, despite all the media attention Miley Cyrus is NOT a good role model!

  27. mbcl

    “mommy, why are you wearing my pants ?”

  28. Joe Mamma

    Don’t speak, mom.

  29. MyCoworkerIsHot

    I love Gwen. She so awesome!

  30. Gimme a sec damnit, I’ll come up with something snarky as soon as I’m done…

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