1. EricLr

    Someone’s been hitting the thrift stores with Miley, I see.

  2. She has the gangly, pasty legs of a ….wait, WTF? Why do her feet point two different directions???

  3. tlmck

    Looks like she’s been riding her stuffed horse too much.

  4. What the F! Superficial! If I want to see alot of pasty ass women in ill fitting shorts, I’ll go to Walmart.

  5. Double D

    From the DVD extras of Splice.

  6. KungFu Panda

    $20 same as in town.

  7. DeucePickle

    Who’s puppeteering this bitch ?

  8. Workaholics

    That’s a loose butthole.

  9. Chris

    Why, Yes, these shorts do make me look like I’m wearing those plastic pants you put over diapers.

  10. sassy

    Cue in Chicken Dance theme song

  11. skidmark

    working out some kinks left over from being bitten in Jennifer’s Body

  12. The Brown Streak

    112 lbs is the maximum weightload of her car. Thank goodness she is friends with LeAnn Rimes.

  13. Endo

    Sharp knees, check.
    Boney legs, check.
    Erection, goodbye.

  14. QtPi

    Chick seriously needs to invest in some SPF 1,000,000 and get some sun.

  15. That’s just how I like my women. White, bony and sexy as hell.

  16. Gonz

    Boney and sexy go together like dwarf and tall … or Don Zaloog and heterosexual.

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