1. JPC

    What the fuck? Did her tits double in size over the weekend?

  2. someone wants attention…

  3. Jarrod

    “Need a raise for Hunger Games 2. Tits don’t fail me now!”

  4. EricLr

    Popular today, Renée Zellweger tomorrow.

  5. CranAppleSnapple

    Go up a cup size, honey. Them’s suffocating.

  6. something looks different…I just can’t tell what

  7. Veronika Larsson

    Victoria’s Secret had a sale on Wonderbras.

  8. R.

    Boobjob much?

  9. vgrly

    That’s top heavy.

  10. little turtle head

    Wow my foreskin just rolled back suddenly!!!!

  11. RisingDragonFist

    2 months ago: “Who’s the effeminate boy with the bow?”
    Today: “Who’s the (Katerine Heigel -10yrs) with the bewbs?”
    It’s the not little things that make the difference

  12. Ew

    Somebody’s bleeding.

  13. dmbishop

    Inflate to 38D psi

  14. dmbishop

    If this is what one night with John Mayer does to a woman then he obviously didn’t sleep with Taylor Swift.

  15. lily

    i love her

  16. The Brown Streak

    I remember when Miley tried to do this….when she was 12.

  17. tlmck

    So Jennifer. What’s you been up to this summer?

  18. Beer Whisperer

    This must be the first time on this site people are criticizing bigger tits!

  19. Visible Ink

    She must be excited! I’ve noticed parts of me getting bigger too when excited.

  20. The Lord God is great indeed. And I say that as a convinced atheist.

  21. Schmidtler

    wow, so a broad doesn’t need to become morbidly sloppy disgustingly obese to have a nice rack? somebody better tell Christina Hendricks, before she finishes another bucket of KFC.

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