1. Whaddaya mean I’m not at a premier? AIDS? I got that back in ’89…

  2. Keep it shiny Grieco!

  3. EricLr

    I don’t want to alarm anyone, but I’m pretty sure he’s turning into Tim Burton.

  4. Is he falling over from the weight of his enormous head?

  5. If I make the 50 hairs on my head look all crazy, no one will even notice I’m almost bald!

  6. He’s looking a little Phil Spector-ish

  7. Contusion

    Stop it! Stop with the Grieco. Please. It’s for his own good.

  8. Bonky

    Think of all the poor young woman who get off the bus in Los Angeles and have to deal with “Hey, I’m Richard Grieco, I used to really be something around here. Do you need a place to stay? I got really tight connections with the guy who runs the ‘Motel 6′ who can set you up. Let’s go there now and have a drink.”

  9. Bionic_Crouton

    “Oh this is embarrassing… I came here to get tested.”

  10. flimflam

    He lost so much hai, weight!

  11. Seriously, we get it, Tesla. You built a time machine and it worked. But why the Richard Grieco cover? You were cool enough just being you.

  12. El Jefe

    This is just so sad now.

  13. mbcl

    “the ancient aliens gave humans shiny shirts”

  14. Napoupi

    Why is this event called ‘Art Project’, but when Grieco shows up, it becomes ‘AIDS Project’ ?

  15. So the Richard Grieco hallowe’en costume is basically a crazy wig and rose-tinted glasses?

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